Trying to think green when its so white out!!!!

Yes thats my thoughts exactly as I sit in the chair and look out the window on another snowy blustery day in the middle of March!!!  Last year at this time we were working in the gardens and had managed to plant some seeds already!!!  Oh the faith of a farmer!  To imagine that in less than a month this little farm will be bursting with new life new growth and the freshness of spring!!!  One bonus with all this snow is that our water reservoirs will be full for irrigation!  The subsoil moisture will be fully replenished from last years drought!  We are very fortunate to be on some of the highest ground in our rural municipality and so runoff water tends to run away and off of the gardens.  There will be some flooding i’m sure but not entire gardens being flooded!
In the next week or two we are going to start to build a high tunnel greenhouse that we can have right in our gardens to give us a few extra weeks on either end of the seasons.  Were excited to start that project and get the other greenhouses operational and filled with greenery!!  We are finalizing our staffing situation for this year and wanted to put out there that if you or anyone you know would like to get a little gardening in – part time, full time we would be interested in chatting with you!  This year we are trying to mechanize some parts of our operation to increase efficiencies and allow us the opportunity to expand again.  My ambitious target is to go from 8 to 13-15 acres but we will see what happens!!  A large part of that expansion would give us more room for potatoes, sweet corn, squash and pumpkins, and melons.  We would also like to do a trial run on strawberries!

A big part of what motivates us to be growing food is the joy we get in providing wholesome foods to our customers.  Its fostering relationships between farmer and consumer!!  We would like to start doing more to connect customers and the people of Regina and Weyburn and surrounding areas to the producers that are producing their food!!  Our thought is to shoot a short series of videos at each producers farm and upload them on our you tube channel and on the ranch tube portion of our website.  We are wondering if anyone of you have experience with video and may be interested in helping out with this project?  As this is an educational promotion our budget is small….we would be happy to trade some veggies though for some help!  Send us an email if you are interested!

Thanks to everyone who took advantage of the early bird promotion for CSA signups in January and February!!  We are going through the members now and calculating the gift card amounts for each member and will be mailing them out in the near future!  The response for our early signup incentive was outstanding and has put us to almost 50% full!!!  A lot of the members were first time members so we urge return members to either signup soon or let us know your intensions as soon as possible!  If you are having financial hardships and don’t feel you can part with the whole amount right away let us know and maybe we can work something out!!  We of course will be accepting new members until our program is full!

Last week was Carla and my 10th anniversary!!  It has been an amazing journey together!  Two months into our marriage we decided to start farming on our own as a partnership, so this marks our 10th farming anniversary also!!  Some days I’m not really sure what we were thinking…but as I said its been a journey and one that I am so thankful to have had Carla by my side through.  She has been my rock all the way through.  Even though for 8 of those years Carla worked full time off the farm she put in full time hours on our farm.  I think Carla has worked harder than anyone on this farm!!  Anyone who starts a small business will know that it isn’t always easy sailing especially at startup, but she has always been there to encourage me!  This winter when we were looking at some numbers from the previous year and I casually mentioned that maybe we should just forget farming and I could get a fulltime job to make life easier for our family and she said with conviction NO this is your passion!  So after ten years of Marriage and farming we are pushing on to another season!

Thanks to everyone who supports us and more importantly Local Food, responsible and sustainable food production in Saskatchewan!!