Its been 9 years….

Of wedded bliss!!!!  Just had to do a little blog post about my beautiful wife!!  We were married nine years ago tomorrow and it truly has been the best nine years of my life!!  Carla has been so completely dedicated to our relationship, family, and business!  She has worked so hard to support our dreams of farming on a small scale and trying to make local foods more mainstream in Saskatchewan.  She is certainly the unsung hero in our business!!  for the 1st 8 years of our married life Carla worked incredibly hard at her job in order to support the business that we were trying to build up.  She would do what it took in order to keep the farm going through the difficult times and worked so much overtime while trying to work almost full time hours on the farm as well to give me a hand when I needed it.  We had our precious little boy Gavin last January and Carla went on maternity leave and has become the best mom in the world!  Carla has given up her career for the time being to stay home with Gavin and I and try to manage the financial side of our business full-time.  Carla loved her work (public accounting) so this has been a sacrifice for her!  THANK-YOU  Carla for everything you have put into our relationship and business!!  I Love You!!

On our first anniversary my dad offered to look after our cows for the afternoon and evening so that we could get away for a date!!  We were in the thick of calving but it seemed as though it would be a quiet evening as no cows looked real close to calving.  The weather changed that afternoon and as it often does it seemed to bring a bunch of cows into labour and so my Dad was very busy that night.  He was very kind not to call us to cut off our 1st anniversary date but when we got home he was absolutely exhausted and had spent the entire time out in the corral bringing baby calves in.  I think we had 9 calves that night alone!!  Several of them were born out in a snowbank so he had to bring them into the heated barn to warm the babies up!  Once we got home Carla and I got dressed up and continued working into the wee hours of the morning!  Not exactly the way we had planned how our 1st Anniversary would go! but a great memory none the less!