CSA News and other new things…

Happy New Year to everyone!!  We have had a good holiday season….tried to cram all of our visiting that we put off during the growing season into 3 weeks of traveling!!  This year’s traveling had a new dimension with our little Gavin along for the ride!!!  He did pretty good considering!  None the less we are glad to be back home and into the planning stage for 2012!!  Some of you have been wondering when we would be accepting payment for the 2012 Vegetable CSA season so we have fast tracked the planning process and are launching it right now!  We are going to offer an early bird incentive for paying in January and February.  You will get a 7% (January purchase) and 5% (February purchase) rebate on your CSA order in the form of a gift certificate to use on any of our products!  Our prices have increased slightly this year with the rise in labor and fuel costs.  We don’t like increasing our prices however realize that the CSA is all about sustainability and so that means not only environmentally sustainable but also financially sustainable operation.  We appreciate the encouragement from several of our CSA members that have told us that the reason they are a part of our CSA is to contribute to a small family farm and they want to see us succeed not fail because of not charging enough!  Enough said about that!!  Here are the new prices:

Small (3 items/week) $195
Medium (5 items/week) $290
Large (7 items/week) $385
X Large (9 items/week) $480

The program will be running for 17 weeks again, and will start around the 2nd-3rd week in June this year.  We have purchased another greenhouse so plan on starting alot of our plants early to hopefully be harvesting produce earlier!!  Again there will be the choice between “you pick” (this means that you pick the items you get in the share for the week)and “we pick” (this means that we pick the items in the share for the week) shares.  This year we are going to cap the # of “you pick” shares and the rest will be “we pick”.  This is to make it easier for our garden planning and management.  You can specify which type of share you would like as you order online.  It will be a first come first serve system for the “you pick” shares.  We are going to be offering 2 different pickup locations this year.  You may pickup at the Tuesday evening Science Center parking lot location or pickup at the Farmers Market on Saturday.  We would like you to specify at the beginning of the season which location works best for you and then stick with that program through the season.  If there is a week where it absolutely works better at a different location then of course we don’t mind you switching for the week.  As usual we offer CSA members a 10% discount off of any additional Green Ranch products.   You can purchase your CSA share HERE!

In other news….We are putting together some more great offers!!!  We are now offering a pre-purchase program where you can purchase a $100 credit for product for $95.  You may purchase as many of these as you like and then we will keep track of your credit until it is done and you need to top up the account again!  You can find that option here!  Another great product that we have had for about a year now but we are marketing it more as a weekly service is the Sask Harvest Basket.  We sell a 4 week subscription to the $25/week basket here! This is a great way to add Local foods to your diet all year round!  Each basket comes with a recipe that incorporates some of the ingredients in the basket.  You can purchase both the $100 credit and the Sask Harvest subscription HERE

Within the next week or so we will be launching some meat boxes.  These will be a variety of cuts from a certain type of meat.  The meat boxes will be available in 5, 10, 25 and 50lb boxes.   We have some new types of meat that we will be launching at the same time.  Look for Elk and Yak meat!!  There are a few more non meat products in the works too so stay tuned!!

Thanks for your support!!  Make sure you let your friends know about us, if we find out that you have referred a new customer we will give you a $10 gift certificate!!

The Staff at The Green Ranch