All Natural Protocal…


What does all natural mean????  We get asked this question a lot and I LOVE explaining!!! Its never hard to explain something that you are absolutely passionate about!  The animals that are raised for The Green Ranch by our producer partners are all raised with care!  Care first for the animal itself, the environment, and care for you the consumer!

Animal welfare – Our animals all come from small family farms.  What does this mean for the animal??  These animals are part of a family, often even named by the kids.  The farmer really does care for the welfare of the animal because he/she knows each one of them and their background.  These animals aren’t just numbers or barcodes in a feedlot setting!!  Because of the size of operations, individual animals are catered to considering their special needs.  They are not raised in a crammed feedlot or pens but given lots of room to move around and graze or peck….doing the things that they were born to do!  Our farmers are raising animals because they LOVE animals!

Environmental Stewardship – Our farmers care about the environment.  They recognize that they are stewards of the land and in such have a deep respect for it.  That old saying If you give you will receive is very much true when it comes to how you deal with the land.  Land responds to care by producing healthier plants and thus healthier animals that eat them!  Water that is kept pure means that the animals will drink more and be healthier.  We have been practicing holistic pasture management for about 6 years and have noticed great improvements in the productivity of the good plants and the demise of unwanted plants WITHOUT the use of any chemicals or fertilizers to accomplish this.

Healthy Soil = Healthy Plants = Healthy Animals = Healthy Consumers!!

Care for our Customers Health – Our farmers realize that the animals they are raising are going directly into the human food chain.  Our farmers eat their own meat and feed it to their children!!!  They wouldn’t feed anything to their animals that they would be concerned about affecting the quality and health of the food.

Our Natural Protocol

No Hormones fed or administered to the animals

No Antibiotics fed or administered to the animals

Animals spend as much time as possible outside on grass

If fed grains animals are fed locally grown grain NOT corn

Animals are raised humanely with utmost respect and care