Getting Help, When the website doesn’t do what you expect

We are working hard get the website back to its former glory, but we do know some of you have been having issues for which we are very sorry.

Please read on for some tips that may solve of your issues. 

A significant number of people have had issues with the website loading up an old version, this can  normally be solved easily ( in Internet Explorer, or Firefox  go to and then press Ctrl-F5 and this will reload the page), if other pages look funky you may need to repeat this on those pages too.

In the  event that the above solution does not work for you, try using this link

If you have difficulty in using the contact us  web page, then it may just be easier to send an email straight to

Have we missed something? then let us know!

I can assure you,  I  am working hard to get these issues straightened out! and we really do appreciate your patience during this process.


Joe + Everyone at The Green Ranch