CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture.   This is an exciting and fun way to purchase local foods and support local farmers.  The Community Supported Agriculture concept is when customers purchase a “share” of whatever the farmer is growing or raising.  In exchange for that share they get a selection of items from the farm on a regular basis throughout the growing season.  The Green Ranch offers a diverse selection of CSA shares including many different types of meats and vegetables.


As an example, if you were to purchase a vegetable share you would get a weekly basket of vegetables for the entire growing season.  The customer pays for the share prior to the growing season to allow the farmer to purchase all the necessary seeds and inputs to make the vegetables grow.  By purchasing a share you are agreeing to also share in the risks that are associated with farming such as crop failure.  The farmer will do everything in his/her power to eliminate the chance of failure; however, there is always a chance due to weather or something completely out of their control.  In the years that we have operated our CSA there has never been any such problems.  If there ever was a weather event that affected some of the crop, what it will likely mean is you would get more of one type of crop (i.e. more root vegetables and less leafy greens in the case of hail – the leafy greens will however grow back quickly!)