2014 Vegetable CSA

For our existing CSA members this will be just a review and reminder but because we are opening the CSA signup process to new members now for 2014 I thought we should explain the 2014 CSA program for everyone again!

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture which means a community of like minded people come together to support a farmer and small farm agriculture!  By pre-paying for your seasons worth of vegetables you are offering support to the farmer in the way of guaranteed sale for their produce but also providing them the cash flow they need in the early stages of the season when they need the cash flow the most!  Whats in it for you?  You get to enjoy fresh vegetables throughout the whole growing season without having to grow a garden!  If you do have a small garden then the CSA still can be an option for you by selecting the “You choose” option where you get to pick the vegetables that arriving in your package every week!  We typically have veggies that you may not have in your backyard garden!  This leads into the nuts and bolts of the program!

We offer two types of shares!  You choose and We choose.  The We choose program is the traditional CSA model where you get a selection of whats available and bountiful that week!  The You choose option allows you to select the items you get.  There will be a little less variety in the you choose option as we need to make sure the items we offer for those customers are in a large enough quantity in the case that everyone were to order one!   We can include more specialty items that we grown in smaller quantities in the We choose shares!  This year for the we choose customers we are going to be bringing a bin or two of spare items that if there is something in your package that you will not use you can substitute.

There are 4 sizes of shares.  We base our share sizes on items / week instead of lbs / week.  We find it is easier for you to picture what your bag is going to look like when you think in terms of packages vs lbs!  For example a pkg of carrots (full size) is 1 lb or baby carrots would be .6 lb  A bag of lettuce is 1/4 lb or enough for several servings.  A bag of potatoes would be 3 lbs and an item of corn would be 5 cobs.  You will find the weight of your bag will increase as the season progresses and we get into weightier items!  Our item sizes are based on standard Farmers Market sized items.

Small – 3 items per week
Medium – 5 items per week
Large – 7 items per week
X-Large – 9 items per week

The program will get going mid June (depending on the weather) and run for 17 weeks!  Many customers take advantage of our flex week holiday program.  We offer two flex weeks to help you with holiday time!  You can defer up to two weeks during the 17 week program and they will get added onto the end of the program.  If you are going to be gone for more than 2 weeks throughout the course of the summer you can always get a friend to pickup for you!

We offer two pickup points:
Tuesday Evening at the Science Centre parking lot from 6:30-7:30
Saturday at the Farmers market from 9:00 – 1:00

We will be hosting our 2nd annual CSA member farm day this year in July.  We have not firmed the exact date up yet but it will likely be near the end of July.  This is a day of farm tours, family fun and a catered locally grown supper from some of the local chef’s that we supply!  This day is no charge to you and your family!

We love the CSA program as it allows us to really get to know our customers and hopefully allows our customers to get to know their farmer in a way that goes beyond a transaction at the market!

We are offering a February early bird discount of 5% to anyone that signs up and pays in February!  The price that is listed on the website is the discounted price!  Go to the “purchase a CSA”  page on our website to view the prices and purchase your share!

Let us know if you have any questions!

Have a great week!

Tim, Carla, Gavin, Dane and the whole team at The Green Ranch
306) 861-0487


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